Do you offer sponsorships?

At this point in time we are not interested in any influencer support, and we are not offering any sponsorships of any kind, but we thank you for your interest.

I'd like to return something, what are the steps I need to take?

We are able to process returns, exchanges, and refunds on SOME (not all) products within 30 days of purchase. For more information on what to do, please refer to our Return Policy Here.

When will you restock *insert product name*?

We’re unable to disclose any time frames when it comes to restock items or release dates, but we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter for any restock and release announcements. The link to sign up is at the bottom of this page.

I forgot to add a product into my cart during checkout what do I do?

If you need to place an order for additional items and your first order has NOT shipped please proceed with placing the secondary order, and contact us with BOTH order numbers. We will refund shipping cost for the lighter package, and combine shipping if possible.

This discount code I have is not working!

Discount Codes are not permitted on some items due to the item either being on Sale, funds being donated as part of an ongoing campaign or initiative, or currently being offered as a preorder item.

I forgot to use the discount code! Now what?

Discount Codes cannot be applied once the checkout process is complete. If you would like to utilize a promotion we will need to cancel the order, and have you re-place it. Please contact us before shipment. Once the item has shipped we are not able to apply any form of promotion. Note that some exclusions apply for discount, these are noted on the product page.

How do I know when my order will ship?

You will receive a shipment notification via email once your package has shipped with tracking information. We typically ship out orders multiple times a week unless extended turn around times are posted clearly on the website.

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 please expect delays to shipping time frames as we are working carefully to ensure the safety of our staff.

When do preorder items ship?

If you preordered a product, once the time frame for that particular product has ended you will receive an email that will include specific time frames and updates. Please keep in mind a preordered product has not yet been made, which will always increase the shipment time. If you order in stock items along with a preorder item the entire order will ship together unless you place two separate orders.

My order says it was delivered, but I don't have it.

If your package has been marked as delivered, but is not in your possession for whatever reason, there is absolutely nothing we as a company can do, as we have to put trust into the United States Postal Service. If USPS or your local postal carrier deem the package was NOT delivered (though it’s marked as delivered via the tracking info) after 10 business days, you may contact us and provide documentation from the carrier stating the package cannot be located. We will work with you from there.

Do you ship internationally?

The Midnight Society is currently over offering shipping to customers within the U.S. and Canada. We hope to expand shipments to the United Kingdom and European countries in the future. Please refer to our Shipping Terms of Service for more. 

Can I change my shipping address?

We cannot change the shipping address after an order has been placed. Doing so voids our protection against fraud and theft. If you would like to change the address, we will have to cancel your order. Once the order is canceled, you can place a new order.

Can you take off the signature requirement for my package?

Unfortunately we cannot waive the signature requirement for orders over $150. Also, our supplier cannot waive signature requirements either.

I got my order, but I'm missing items.

Due to the limited nature of our products, every piece of inventory and order is carefully packaged to ensure all ordered contents are placed within. If you have an issue with your package, it is important you contact us immediately. You will need to provide photographic evidence of the packing slip that is signed off on by a member of our team. The window for these types of investigations is 48 Hours after the carrier has marked the package as delivered. We will begin with an inventory count, and based on our research further determine if those goods were in fact not shipped accordingly. Any messages received regarding missing items after the 48 Hour window will be declined. 

My mask doesn't fit my face, what do I do? Can I return it?

ALL masks, bandanas, and face covering sales are final. This is listed in each product description as it is a health and safety issue for these products to be sent back to us. The funds from masks are used to purchase medical masks for local hospitals. That being said we understand not everyone's face is the same size, which is why we have listed the dimensions of masks for you to measure out before purchase.